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How to make cardboard lanterns Tutorial on how to make cardboard lanterns 0

How to make cardboard lanterns Tutorial on how to make cardboard lanterns

The Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day of the Double Festival is approaching, how to miss the lanterns to makeup it! Lantern folding using colored cardboard illustrated tutorial, when making creases need to be patient and careful, if there is no understanding of the place can look at the craft work had introduced apple origami [[look here](].

Origami coin work 0

Origami coin work

Origami coin works appreciate, origami master make full use of the symbols and patterns of the paper money itself, origami works are very vivid and realistic.

Origami garland work 0

Origami garland work

Origami wreath artwork to admire, and with a good eye for matching, you too can make prettier origami wreaths than this!

CDB Matone Bank Origami Ad 0

CDB Matone Bank Origami Ad

The first issue of CDB Matone Bank’s Origami campaign, designed by Brazil and Art Director Gregory Kickow. The theme of the campaign is Multiply your money and it uses very interesting origami elements.

Handmade five-petaled flower ball origami diagram How to fold a five-petaled flower ball? 0

How to make a five-petaled origami flower ball

Yesterday I shared with you how to fold a four-petaled flower ball [[look here](], and today I’m going to look at how to make a five-petaled flower ball. Actually, the folding method is similar, both complete the petals and then assemble, a total of 60 squares of colored paper are needed.